Friday, December 25

Indefinite Hiatus

now now, don't be sad, you know i was never the type to stay around for too long. i need change. after all, "i've been waiting all this time to be something i can't define." bloggy, you have served me well but you're just so sad and dramatic. so inductive of fruitless and incoherent thoughts. i guess i've grown out of this blogspot and tumbled to somewhere else.

Monday, November 9


so i've been given 10 weeks and there are only 19 days left. it's true that time does wonders. a feat i deemed impossible then is barely a struggle now. i've grown quite a bit in these 10 weeks. never underestimate your ability to overcome anything! you've got what it takes.

as i plan my tickets home, i am actually excited for break and time with the family. however, i am not super excited to say goodbye to this fun quarter and say hello to a predictably less exciting one.

Sunday, September 27

Unfailing Love

There is love that came for us // humbled to a sinner's cross // You broke my shame and sinfulness // You rose again victorious // faithfulness none can deny through the storm and through the fire// there is truth that sets me free // Jesus Christ who lives in me

You are stronger // You are stronger // sin is broken You have saved me // it is written Christ is risen // Jesus You are Lord of all

One thing is always for sure: Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave. It's a resurrection with meaning. It signifies that He is Lord, He has power over sin and death, He gives hope for victory over sin and death, and He is alive today. It's a resurrection that should empower and transform us.

When I am weak, He is stronger. His truth and faithfulness set me free.